Katarzyna Sitarz _ PER-SONA

performative concert
concept and performance: Katarzyna Sitarz
dramaturgy: Eleonora Zdebiak
artistic coaching: Bush Hartshorn
production: Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk – w ramach Solo Projekt Plus 2016
with support of: Kooperatywa Łaźnia, Fundacja Witryna Kultury w Szczecinie
duration: 40 min

PER-SONA continually pulsates between the (in)visible and the (in)audible, between materiality and intangibility. As it listens attentively to the sound of the voice it places the body’s sonic signature only to diffuse it and create a different one. The boundaries between what remains inside and outside blur and the voice becomes a bridge between the private and the public. The sound rooted in corporality (phone), language (logos), animal nature (zoe) and social training (bios) make up individual but also collective voice. This voice is a presence that extends beyond the bodily being, penetrates spaces and resonates on the plane of affects and emotions. It is a force that unites sensuality and intimacy; dynamics echoing ugliness, pleasures, beauty or sanity, echoing what’s familiar and alien.