Granhøj Dans _ Petrushka – Extended

For the second time Granhøj focuses on the fusion between a live piano concert and a dance performance, attempting to create a true symbiosis between these two art genres.
In the show, 5 outstanding performers with 5 different nationalities and a wide range of ages meet on stage to deliver their interpretation of the story about Petrushka, the puppet figure, originally shaped by Fokin and Igor Stravinsky.
In a theatre within theatre setting, the characters of the show strive eagerly to achieve their goal, while dealing with their double roles as figures and performers.

a performance by: Palle Granhøj  (created in close collaboration with the performers)
dance: László Fülöp, Sofia Pintzou, Mikolaj Karczewski, Bill Eldridge oraz Maria Eshpai (the pianist)
assistant: Mads Møller Andersen
music: Igor Stravinsky
produced with the support of : Wilhelm Hansen Fonden
premiere: April 2016