Compagnie Stanislaw Wisniewski _ Please, ring before entrance

Choreography: Stanislaw Wisniewski Dancers: Crystelle Pierron, Karen Gaborel, Cécile Pegaz, Emile Béjar, Serge Mallet, Aurélien Le Glaunec Music: D. Shostakovicz, Frederic Pattar Piano:Wilhelm Latchoumia Costumes: Celine Pigeot Light:Cyrile Benhaim Scenery: Perrine Leclere Time: 90 min.

The space of the stage becomes the space of a house, full of harmony and happiness. However, that stable picture changes: characters evolve, atmosphere of suspicion and fear emerge; people meet, touch each other without real desire, but also support and help each other. All these under the influence of the outer events – we have the thirties in Soviet Union. Though, the most important are questions: What is the perfect family? Does the family life make sense? What is the place of mother and father in a family? How does a child crate its history? What does the bond of group mean?

The scenery refers to artistic style of that time – the constructivism, with its rigid geometry of the space, where an individual was treated as an element of a complex mechanism.

The music, composed by Frederic Pattar specially for the performance on the base of Shostakovicz’s works, surrounds us as if it were the noise of a neighbourhood, like we were listening sounds behind the walls, of our flat maybe…

Compagnie Stanislaw Wisniewski was established in June 1995 by Stanislaw Wisniewski, former soloist of The National Opera in Lyon. From the very beginning The Charlie Chaplin Culture Center in Vaulx-en-Velin is the seat if the Company. They perform in France (Festival in Cannes, New Dances Festival in Uzes, Awignon) as well as abroad (Poland, Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, Greece…). The Company is regularly supported by following institutions: DRAC, The Regional Council ofRhones-Alpes, French Association of Art Activities (AFAA). The Compagnie Stwnislaw Wisniewski performed on International Lublin Dance Theatres Festival in year 1998.