Elisabetta Consonni _ Plutone

If what we have to expect from the progress is a never ending accumulation of goods and information, an increasingly complex system where I risk to get lost, well, I need a suspension into myself. I really need to just perceive myself in relation with what is happening. I need to take my time. To observe, just observe and not to do. To notice small and subtle things into loud phenomenas. To not necessarily understand. To await. To give up. To not to do. And if I see something, I’ll stare at it and keep on staring and keep on staring, letting something happen.

PLUTONE comes after the experience of „Vipassana “ meditation as an opportunity to reflect on the life state as a delicate balances between focusing on myself and listening to the outside.  Plutone asks to the audience a contemplation of a landscape of centers which constantly search for each other. It is a landscape of concentric evolution where encounters might happen. Plutone is the last planet of the solar system, recently discovered. Astrologically, it governs all the invisible but powerful things, influencing the reality with subtle energies. It is the principle of  construction and destruction at the same time.  Its reign is made of individuality and collectivity, at the same time. Plutone is true creative principle, it the intention and pure will. Plutone asks  the ego to let go all the needs to appear, all the paranoia of power over  the others,  all the fake structures and false targets.

choreography: Elisabetta Consonni
dancers: Marta Ciappina, Olimpia Fortuni, Masako Matsushita (creation process: Annamaria Ajmone oraz Sara Leghissa)
music: Aftab Darvishi
light designer: Violeta Arista
costumes: Lucia Gallone
production: Fondazione Teatro Grande di Brescia
supported by: Industria Scenica- Residenza Rifugio Everest, Santarcangelo Festival, Manifattura K, Associazione Valdapozzo, PimOff
premiere: 9 November 2016
duration: 40 min



Galeria Labirynt, Księdza Jerzego Popiełuszki, Lublin, Polska