Post-competition photography exhibition ‘Dance – energy of body and imagination’

… The photographs gathered at the exhibition and capturing the elusive reality of dance, are a selection of works by Laureates and Participants of four subsequent editions of the National Photographic Competition ‘Dance – energy of body and imagination’. The competition has accompanied the International Dance Theatre Festival for the past five years and is organized by Lublin Dance Theatre and Centre for Culture, Lublin.

The competition provides a platform for meeting, dialogue and confrontation of dance and photography. The extraordinary discussion and artistic understanding are possible due to the universal language of both these fields. Although they are extremely different domains of art, they blend easily and wonderfully complement each other – fleeting dance and photography which captures the moment, documents reality. Both use a type of imagination and expression which is difficult to capture, but extremely intriguing.

This year’s competition entries were assessed by acclaimed individualities in the field of photography, visual arts, theatre and dance: Leszek Mądzik – creator of Scena Plastyczna KUL, theatre director, stage designer, photographer; Hanna Strzemiecka – founder and artistic director of the International Dance Theatres Festival and for many years a choreographer of Group of Contemporary Dance of Lublin University of Technology and Lublin Dance Theatre, Natasza Ziółkowska – Kurczuk – film and television director, screenwriter, journalist.

The exhibition of the winning photographs in  the 5th National Photographic Competition ‘Dance – energy of the body and imagination’ will complement the November presentations of dance theatre individualities during the jubilee celebrations of the 15th International Dance Theatres Festival (November 5th- 13th, 2011.)

Among this year’s entries the Jury selected the following winners:
2nd award    – Marta Zgierska, Lublin
2nd award – Wojciech Domagała, Kielce
3rd award – Marta Ankiersztejn, Warszawa
and honourable mentions:
Marta Ankiersztejn, Warszawa
Martyna Pająk, Biskupice
Tadeusz Chudy, Kraków
Wojciech Gdowski, Kraków

The winning photographs will be presented at the post-competition exhibition during the 15th International Dance Theatres Festival, and will be published in the 2012 calendar ‘Dance – energy of body and imagination’.