Attakkalari _ Purushartha

“Purusharta” – a multi media dance production artistic direction and choreography: Jayachandran Palazhy performers: Hema Bharathi Palani, Rohini Narasimhaiah, Leji Paul, Hema Sundari Vellaluru, Jayachandran Palazhy, Dilsagar M.Balan, Deepak Kurki Shivaswamy, Rakesh M.P.Sukesh Babu, Satyajit Ravindranath music composition, visual projections and interactive technology: Kunihiko Matsuo music arrangement and performance: Mitsuaki Matsumoto light and set design: Naoki Hamanaka costume design: Sonali & Himanshu / Hidden Harmony tour management and administration: Ragini Ghose Produced by: Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore, India

Though inspired by the Indian philosophical concept of PURUSHARTHA, Jayachandran actually engages more with the memory of traditional concepts filtered through everyday living. These concepts act as points of departure as they transcend through the Asia of today, in an eternal search for the meaning of life. Fragmented and broken imagery reminiscent of contemporary Japanese culture and aesthetics co-habit with the emotional portrayal of a society in India torn between the philosophy of her past and the stark reality of her present resulting in a rich tapestry of aural and visual imagery. Vibrant images drawn from contemporary urban Indian experience metamorphose into abstract geometrical shapes, shifting our perception in the process and evoking nostalgia as well as new associations Jayachandran Palazhy (Choreographer, India) and Kunihiko Matsuo (music director and digital artist, Japan) are compelled by the need to depict this tightrope between the old and the new and beautifully portray the tension between the two worlds struggling to make sense. Seamless layers of light and shade take the viewer back and forth between the real and the imaginary, the traditional and the modern, the philosophical and the practical.

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