The Occasional Dance Theatre _ Quad. Version 6

Performance inspired by Samuel Beckett’s one – act piece titled “Quad” concept: Joanna Czajkowska, Jacek Krawczyk choreography: Iwona Gilarska, Joanna Czajkowska, David Cassel, Jacek Krawczyk dance: Iwona Gilarska, Bożena Zezula, Joanna Czajkowska, Jacek Krawczyk music: Grzegorz Welizarowicz, Rafał Dętkoś lights director: Adam Akerman fotography: Radosław Orłowski premiere: 3.12.2005 Teatr Na Plaży, Spocka Scena Off de Bicz

Performance “Quad.Version 6” was created thanks to the grant from the Board of the Pomerania Province. Special thanks to dr Tomasz Wiśniewski.

“The mathematical consistency of dancers movement, connected with their excellant dance skills developed an authentic admiration.” Monika Jalowsk, Gazeta Wyborcza – Trójmiasto

The Occasion Dance Theatre was created eight years ago by a pair of professional dancers and choreographers, members of ZASP (Polish Actors Association): Joanna Czajkowska and Jacek Krawczyk. Teatr Okazjonalny completed and performed nineteen spectacles. In February 2006 Joanna Czajkowska and Jacek Krawczyk gained the nomination in the plebiscite of Gazeta Wyborcza Tricity “Artist of The Year 2005” , Theatre category. Jacek Krawczyk is also a winner of Theatre Award prize for Pomeranian Province for choreography and direction of “Helikopter Tanz Streichquartett” and “Quad. Version 6”.

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