Anna Nowicka _ Raw light

concept, choreography, performance: Anna Nowicka
music: Klaus Janek
costume: Kiss the Future / Tanja Padan
light direction: Aleksander Prowaliński
premiere: 26/01/2017, DOCK11, Berlin
special thanks to: DOCK11, Peter Pleyer, Fabrik Potsdam, Richarda Aslana, Bonnie Buckner, Chrisa Gylee, Sanji Gergoric, Claudii Hill, Jessici Ekomane Etoua, Tabei Xenia Magyar, Lulu Obermayer, Tanji Padan, Aurory Rodriguez, Katarzyny Szugajew, Mateusza Szymanówki
duration: 45 min

Raw Light is a tangible, physical, sensational solo journey of the body becoming. It is an elusive attempt to form a constantly shifting experience, and to allow for a flow of flickering images to emerge. It is a proximate presence of a liquid, multilayered, kaleidoscopic body that dances in raw lights between real and imagined, felt and dreamt, courageously pointing to the unseen and unknown. The tongue, the eyes and the limbs reach out for brightness. From the cut of soft tissue of time and space, a persistent trust explodes into being.

This piece comes from a strong desire to be alone on stage, and physicalize the themes I’ve been researching for the past six years: attention, dreams and imagination.