Physical Studio _ Re:akcion

director: Jacek Owczarek
choreographic collaboration: Dawid Lorenc
dancers: Joanna Jaworska, Aleksandra Klimiuk, Urszula Parol, Katarzyna Wolińska, Paweł Grala, Wojciech Łaba
music: Wojciech Łaba
costumes: Zuzanna Markiewicz
duration: 45 min

Re:action is a performance created by choreographer and director Jacek Owczarek. It’s shape and structure are an effect of unique working method, based on improvisation and body awareness in interaction with other person. Individuality of performance is a result of inversing dirrection of artistic work, extemporary and not expecting final shape of performance. In Re:action the script is not used, but reactions between characters created by improvising dancers. Observing individual processes of every six dancers lead them to discover characters and unique quality of movement. Meetings of characters, created by dancers, provoke unexpected events. The final shape of the performance came into existance by working with energy prompted by characters’ meetings. Every time Performing Re:action evoke different, but always strong and unusual emotions.