Compagnie Sybel Ballet Théâtre _ Rojla

choreography: Imed Jemaa artistic diector: Syhem Belkhodja performers: Bachraoui Hassen , Jaoubi Zied, Smiri Majdi, Bou Ali Mohamed, Mzoughi Maher, Manai Saifedine, Trabelsi Hamdi music: Majdi Smiri costumes: Imed Jemaa light design: Houssem Bitri production: L’Association Ness EL Fen – Les Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Carthage

Imed Jemâa is a pioneer for contemporary dance in Tunisia, developing the movement through many pieces with a strong theatrical element. “Rojla” get close to hip hop dance by evoking street life in his own country and in the Mediterranean.

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