Bretoncaffe Theatre _ SLAM.IN

choreography: Anna Godowska co-choreographer: Anita Wach dancers: Anita Wach, Ewa Jaros composer, live music: Dominik Strycharski screenplay, direction: Sławomir Krawczyński kostiumy: Marta Rowińska lights: Sławomir Krawczyński production: Teatr Bretoncaffe premiere: June 2005, Neuropolis Festival, Teaterhaus Mitte, Berlin,

The title of the project comes from the fashionable nowadays artistic phenomenon, which combines the elements of poetry, theatre, performance and sometimes music as well. Slam is the ‘word area’, a kind of poetry prop, its live variant, which seeks the contact with the audience. It brings a considerable element of unpredictability and improvisation to this phenomenon. We think that this powerful phenomenon can enable people to see various points of view, various ways of thinking. In our performance we try to see slam as a reflection of the complicated structure of communication.

Bretoncaffe Theatre (2001) is a convergence of contemporary dance/ movement, acting, text/word and contemporary music/sound.In teatr bretoncaffe the word theatre is an open term. The group does not want to just develop some kind of style – the theatre is a place, where the artist consciously opens his mind for reality. This point of view is a foundation of the group’s work in every possible field: dance, music or text. Thus all these elements become the integral parts of a theatrical action and the process of creation.