Dada von Bzdülöw _ so beautiful

“so beautiful” created and performed by: Katarzyna Chmielewska costume: Kasia Piatek lights set: Michal Kolodziej music arrangment: Rafal Kowal dramaturgy: Leszek Bzdyl premiere: 26.11.2001, Klub Zak – Gdansk

A solo that takes aim at tha stereotypes inherent in the contemporary idea of beauty. What influences our perception of beauty? How to deal with the excess of aesthetic impressions?

Independent group of professional dancers and actors making specific pieces in cooperation with cultural institutions and associations.The company members have also worked in international productions put on in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, England. Since 2000 Dada has been affiliated with Klub Zak/Gdansk, where the company initiated a new contemporary dance festival Gdansk Dance Corporation.

www.dadateatr.pl / bzdyl@tlen.pl