Yauheniya Nikalaichuk _ SomeBody’s home

Memories can take us back to the past, thoughts can take us into the future. Eyes sees the present.
We return home, to the origins of our heart, the roots of our feet, a sense of kinship and beginning, a sense of the path, life.
This place accepts everything that happens to us. It keeps many of our dreams and events, it keeps our secrets. That is why it is so pleasant and so painful to return there.
Especially because the path is very close. After all, our home, like our body, simply is and will be with us from beginning to end.

choreographer: Yauheniya Nikalaichuk
project consultants: Joanna Leśnierowska, Katarzyna Sitarz, Inna Aslamova
movement: Anton Dzioshau, Anastasiya Embulaeva, Yauheniya Nikalaichuk
music: Fillfree
video space: SH4TTLE
decorations for the project: Dzmitry Vologin
costumes: Alexandra Anisim
duration: 60 min

The ideological inspirer of the project is the PlaStforma festival (Belarus) and  Joanna Lesnierowska (Poland).