Pracownia Fizyczna and guests _ Soul Project/PL

concept and direction: David Zambrano;
creative assistant: Peter Jasko,
production assistant: Dawid Lorenc,
dancers: Paweł Grala, Dawid Lorenc, Wojciech Łaba, Aleksandra Klimiuk, Jacek Owczarek, Krzysztof Skolimowski [Pracownia Fizyczna], Piotr Skalski i Dominika Szala-Wentland [EST/Hurtownia Ruchu, Kraków], Adam Adamonis Krawczyk, Małgorzata Haduch;
production: Pracownia Fizyczna / Jacek Owczarek, Fundacja Kino Tańca, Akademia Muzyczna im. Grażyny i Kiejstuta Bacewiczów w Łodzi
in cooperation with: Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi i Akademią Sztuk Pięknych w Łodzi.

Pracownia Fizyczna and guests shall present during the festival, the short version of the performance  Soul Project / PL directed by David Zambrano. Soul Project is created as a series of virtuosic solos, each lasting the length of a soul song;. The order of the solos, music and their location in the space is a function of chance, making each night’s performance unique.

At the invitation of the Pracownia Fizyczna from Łódź, David Zambrano recreates a new version of Soul Project in collaboration with 10 polish dancers. It premiered as part of the exhibition You come, we’ll show you what we do. On dance improvisation at Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz in September this year. Peter Jasko [Les SlovaKs Dance Collective], of the original cast of Soul Project assisted him.

Soul project was created in 2006 with an international cast of 12 dancers, coming from Mozambique, Slovenia, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland, South Korea, France, Brazil, USA and Venezuela, since then this piece has been presented in major cities in Europe, USA, South Korea, Costa Rica, Senegal.

In Soul Project the performers and audience share the same space. Throughout the work, the audience is invited to mingle, get close to the cast, and witness the dance from any angle they choose. All at once the experience is intimate and personal, as together with the rest of the audience you anticipate the next dancer and the next song, and share in the discovery once it begins.

The performance is about soul in all of its manifestations: spiritual, abstract, musical and personal, it began with Zambrano’s question of how he might be able to dance as deeply and powerfully as soul singers do when performing their songs live. The ultimate goal is to find a body language so full, eloquent, and emotionally profound that it translates empathetically to the viewer and touches them in the same way that soul singers. Being continuously alive. On, like a candle.