Quadro Dance Theatre & Guests _ Soul

13 Aug 2020 I came to the dance studio after my vacation. I remember myself lying on the floor without any power to move, dance. I’d already had the material for my new work but those 5 months before the premier changed it a lot, changed me a lot. SOUL is a print of cold and warm, pain and joy we have had.

Inna Aslamova, choreographer

The dance piece was created for Belarusian dancers and the premier took place in 2021. In 2022 thanks to the support of the Zbigniew Raszewski Theater Institute this work was staged for the international team of dancers from Belarus, Ukraine and Poland. The starting points for the creative process were questions: What is a soul? What substance does one consist of? What part of the body does it live in? Does it actually live in a body? Is it possible to express it through movements? How does a soul manage to cope with the hardest experiences?

There are no clear-cut answers to these questions.
The choreography of the performance is the body impressions of searching for these answers.

idea, scenography: Inna Aslamova
choreography: Inna Aslamova and dancers
music: Arvo Part
sound design: Uladzimir Maliukov
light design: Sam Davydzenka
dance: Anastasiya Yembulaeva, Anton Dzioshau, Alesia Seraya (Belarus), Maria Micek (Poland), Dmytro Vyskorka (Ukraine/Poland), Antonina Kaminska, Sofiya Kiykovska (Ukraine)
costumes: Valentina Shapovalova
duration: 50 min