Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology _ stadium. stage I

spectacle inspired by work of Magdalena Abakanowicz

choreography : Anna Żak
stage setting: Anna Żak and Daria Dziedzic
technical cooperation, lights : Grzegorz Polak
music: To Rococo Rot
visualization : Agnieszka Samonek, Agnieszka Wielgosz
dancers: Ewelina Drzał, Agnieszka Duda, Dominika Jarosz, Justyna Konstańczuk, Małgorzata Kwiecień, Beata Mysiak, Karolina Sularz, Dorota Świć-Kęcik
duration: 35 minutes
premiere : XIIth International Dance Theatres Festival, Lublin, November 2008

My forms are another skins, that I take off me, marking the stages of my way’
/ Magdalena Abakanowicz

„stadium” is a stage of Anna Żak (the choreographer) and Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology dancers’ work on extensive theme of Magdalena Abakanowicz’s work, but also self feelings connected with huge body in space, real or unreal, having character of overwhelming and overpowering mass.

The initial stage of „stadium” uses more crowded form and emerging and disappearing shapes. This is only an introduction to individualization, to finding or retrieving of identity…perhaps never impossible…perhaps always present. The first interpretation is accompanied by fear of what is ‘crowded’ powerful, unavoidable and mysterious, what looms from angles of sub-consciousness.

Authors of visualizations are Agnieszka Samonek and Agnieszka Wielgosz – students of departments of art in Lublin and Poznan, The visualizations are directed by producers of spectacle. By this work authors begin preparations to their university degree, and they will continue mentioned themes in following stages of spectacle.