Magdalena Ptasznik _ surface.territory

choreography and performance: Magdalena Ptasznik
music: Szymon Kaliski
technical realization: Łukasz Kędzierski
costume: Marysia Ciernioch
duration: 25min
artistic mentor: Ria Higler
production: Art Stations Foundation

“surface.territory” is a choreography for space, the body, matter and time. In the show the performer enters and becomes part of a minimalist landscape stretched across the floor of a theatre hall. The performer travels across this landscape encountering objects/materials which she shapes and is also transformed by. It is in these encounters/interactions that the presence of the performer and of the matter (her partner) manifests. Matter is treated here as the only experience that we share with full certainty. It does not serve solely as a decoration or background for human activity but, rather, the encounter with it is an important and intimate incident that contributes to our formation. “surface.territory” constitutes an open-ended question regarding “being in the world”, the significance of the material landscape in which we live and our relationship with it, as well as the possibility or impossibility of sharing the experience of reality. The show is an ephemeral sculpture in time; it is what a viewer can see and experience for as long as it lasts and nothing more.