Techno Folk _ Dance workshops associated with „The Yanka Rudzka Project: Poliphonies”

Is it possible (and if so, then how) to clash simultaneously dance worlds so distinct from
each other as Brasilian samba, Armenian kochari, Georgian svanuri and Polish oberek?
We would like to invite you to meet an international team from the Yanka Rudzka Project,
which has brought together through dance artists from four different countries:
Armenia, Brasil, Georgia and Poland.
We would like to practice our traditional dance rooted in our four cultures, while retaining
the idea that those practices are in their nature COMMUNAL, bringing us all together
despite our beliefs, nationality or ability! We would like to celebrate JOY, present in
all the traditional dances (regardless of latitude), by invoking the ecstatic dimensionof dance that is inscribed at the root of this art form. We believe that despite the fact
that those traditional dances come from different cultural regions, when put together
next to each other, they will reveal to us intriguing similarities and will allow us
to reflect deeply on sources and narrations that are present in traditional dances,
as well as experiences and their meanings which are carried into our contemporary
choreography and culture.

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Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, Peowiaków, Lublin, Polska