Anna Haracz- Kino Variatino _ The Blue Resonance

concept and dance: Anna Haracz
music and singing: Anna Haracz
costume:  Anna Haracz
light : Artur Apanowicz
duration: 20 min

My father take care for bread, brother defend, teacher leads and partner supports …

I can live without it … pay bills, seal leaking taps and … I can be anywhere …

… But when my men are with me, I close my eyes and dance as I like most in the world … without fear about to break something … which resonates blue …

This is not performance, this is my dance and my vocal, event not able to repeat at any time, the resonance of the place, time, environment, status, or lack of flow, thought or thoughtlessness, feelings, or lack thereof. It can be anything – as it is. Right now.