Krisztián Gergery Company _ There is no place like paradise… Contemporary dance-ritual

Director, choreographer: Krisztián Gergye
Performers: Katalin Fodor, Marianna Tárnok, Flóra Domokos, Mariann Hargitai, Nikoletta Gresó, Móni Négyesi, Krisztián Gergye, Gábor Bora, Zoltán Katonka
Singer: Ágens
Costume: Móni Béres
Musical montage, light, body painting: Krisztián Gergye
Sound: Ferenc Boudny
Photos: Gábor Dusa
Duration: 60 minutes

Moulding the palpability of material into vision and quasi-palpitable senses, the choreography explores our rootlessness. Using human bodies, the choreographer builds up an archaic world, in which banishment, the dissolving transcendental relations of our age and all the conflicts of this created and partially animal world show up through the characters’ rite.

“I imagine that I am being dreamt and my dreams are dreamt, too. The characters of my dreams are sober. They are acting instead of me. I am asleep. I am not moving. Which hero is able to believe that it is him, who can wake God up?”
Krisztian Gergye