Karen Foss Quite Works _ to

Dancers: Suzie Davies(UK), Mattias Ekholm(SE), Martina Haydila – Lacova(SK), Magnus Myhr(NO), Marianne Kjærsund(NO), Daniel Racek(SK),
choreography: Karen Foss(NO) in close collaboration with the dancersmusic: Jørgen Knudsen(NO),setdesign/lights:  Sigve Sælensminde(NO),
soundtechnique  Lydlosjen(NO),
stagetechnique Martin Flack/Brynjar Vik(NO)
Coproduction:: kfQW, bit – teatergarasjen i Carte Blanche AS.

Combining the interest of the number 2, of its cultural and mathematical connotations, as well as focusing on desert images, the performance moves quietly to the outskirts of late – modernity, to an area of solitude and ecstatic contemplation. An undertone of a devastation runs through the show. The production is second part of the kfQW Desert – trilogy.