Compagnie Pál Frenák _ Twins

choreography: Pál Frenák
dancers: László Major, Kristóf Várnagy; mężczyzna za marionetką:  Gergő Erdei
music: Attila Gergely (jako wydawca muzyczny)
light: Péter Molnár
project: Gyula Majoros
costumes: Pál Frenák
hangings and mounted elements: Miklós Ferenci
duration: 45 min

TWINS speaks of the deeper strata of twin existence, producing sensual arguments from the treasury of the subconscious. It carries signs and symptoms instead of analysis, an emotional delirium from the age of unity, before the siblings met the brave-new-digitalised world. They circle as twin stars in the peeling orbits of space, until they live through the paradox of twins in their relationship believed to be inseparable : the monozygotic unity is all for nothing, the great journey after birth is asynchronistic for them, where they have to find the unity of their own independent personality. The creator-choreographer is not looking for final solutions. But he believes that facing the irresolvable is but the beginning of the process.

Inspired by Agota Kristof

In 1989 Pal Frenak founded his Compagnie Pál Frenák in Paris, but he never turned his back on the Hungarian dance scene. Since 1990 he has been visiting Hungary regularly, and has taught contemporary dance to local artists.