Rainer Behr _ VONA

An identity that has found form in the distance. A moved being that has found language. Not that of a victim, but of a listener who rises from silence to himself. The bridge is listening, not understanding. The common look at the fears exposes the seed that makes creative. Moving from being moved. Form points to where it comes from. Dance comes from letting go of wanting. It must happen to one. Once embraced, it must be let go again, so that it can emerge anew. Never is a creation stronger than in a time of weakness. First, in need, hands clasp to hold on, and then a circle is formed (without them realising it) by dancing (and uniting). When the eyes sparkle, one is at home. In every return there is a richness of the stranger, in the hands of the displaced. And when they returned, they left their song and love for them.

Members of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch and the ensemble supported dance artists in leaving Ukraine when the war began and finding protection in Wuppertal. In addition to accommodation and support when dealing with authorities, studios have been made available for rehearsals since their arrival and daily training sessions and workshops led by ensemble members have been organized. Since June 2022 the performance artists Pogorielova Kateryna, Tetiana Znamerovska, Iryna Astafieva, Halyna-Oksana Shchupak, Valeriia Potapova and Yeva Silenko have been creating a performance project together with Rainer Behr. It was first presented to an audience in Wuppertal in a public rehearsal/try out in November 2022 at the future Pina Bausch Zentrum.

A production of dancers from Ukraine and Rainer Behr together with Goethe-Institut Kyiv, Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch GmbH and Pina Bausch Zentrum.

director/choreographer: Rainer Behr
dancers: Kateryna Pogorielova, Iryna Astafieva , Halyna-Oksana Shchupak, Valeriia Potapova , Yeva Silenko
sound: Stsiapan Hurski
costumes: Nayoung Kim
time: 70 min
premiere: November 15, 2022, Pina Bausch Zentrum
production support: Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch GmbH, Pina Bausch Zentrum, Goethe-Institut Kyiv