Aurora Lubos _ Welcome

I am interested in the human being, the one who is safe but reluctant to taking in the others, who escape from war, conflict, oppression, death, hunger. I am interested in the situation of conflict, menace, and suffering. What would the satiated, self- satisfied Western people feel with respect to those whose daily reality focuses on the struggle for survival? One of the elements of the show is the documentation of From the Water, a performance which took place on the beach in Sopot in mid- October 2015, on the Day of Solidarity with Refugees. The piece was my commentary on immigrants dying in the sea, a transposition of those images into our Polish, tangible reality.

wideo, obiekty, dźwięk, ruch / video, objects, sound, movement: Aurora Lubos
wykonanie / performance: Aurora Lubos
muzyka / music: Alex Catona
premiera / premiere: 15 maja 2016, Przestrzeń Sztuki WL4 w Gdańsku / 15 May 2016, Przestrzeń Sztuki WL4 in Gdańs