Teatr Tańca ARKA _ Who wants a song – a poem for the joints and the larynx

Script: Jacek Gębura Moving: Piotr Kamiński, Jacek Gębura, Witold Jurewicz Sounds/small instruments: Paweł Romańczuk, Marcin Ożóg

Four men (STRANGE MEN) in black suits are standing “still” at the microphones trying to make a sound with their throat, seemingly they don’t differ from each other… Incapacity… Helplessness… Silence… Nothing????? What to do, the sound doesn’t appear.

Dance Theatre Arka (1999) was established by Jacek Gębura and a group of people who were looking for a theatre, where the leading means of communication is the movement. The main characters of a show are: movement and its quality, rhythm, articulation and the dynamics of the dancer’s movement, creating the space and the conscious existing in it. The harmonic coexistence of these values determines the actor/dancer and creates a character that is a consequence of being “here and now”; it defines the relations between performers.