hip – hopowych _ Workshops for hip-hop dancers

We invite you to jump at an opportunity and to join in choreographic workshops for hip-hop dancers led by Fouad Boussouf – founder and choreographer of Massala Dance Company and Nicolas Grosclaude – group dancer.

2:00 – 4:00 pm – Fouad Boussouf
4:15 – 6:15 pm – Nicolas Grosclaude

Fouad Boussouf / France
A French-Moroccan choreographer, dancer and teacher, Fouad Boussouf founded Massala Dance Company in 2006, bringing together hip-hop, contemporary dance, North African traditional dances and new circus.

Fouad Boussouf has created several multi-disciplinary dance performances including Zoom, Deviation, Témoin(s), A Condition, Afflux, Concept Lavoir, Transe, The Elements, Esperluette, Le Moulin du Diable and Näss. Massala’s performances have received critical acclaim in France, Europe, The Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa. The company’s latest performance Näss (2018) was selected by Aerowaves European dance network for the 2018 edition of the Spring Forward Festival/Showcase and is currently receiving requests for touring from around the world.

Nicolas Grosclaude / France
Born in 1994, Nicolas started dancing in 2009 and decided to consecrate his life to his passion. He trained at Thony Maskot School in Paris and in 2014 followed multidisciplinary Hip Hop training with Revolution Company in Bordeaux. In Denmark he danced with Next Zone Dance Company at the Royal Danish Theatre of Copenhagen. Nicolas joined Massala Company in 2016 as a dancer in Näss and a substitute in Transe.

Workshops Description:
Näss (People), a performance by Massala Dance Company, France, combines hip hop, contemporary dance and traditional Moroccan rhythms. Using the themes, styles and techniques of Näss as a basis, dancers from the company will give workshops on 23rd.

The purpose of the workshops is to provide choreographic tools and new vocabulary to hip hop and contemporary dancers in order for them to enhance and develop their own, unique technique.

Exercises include movement, floor work, work with space, in relation with the other, work with sound and music, work with gravity, as well as visualisation exercises to boost one’s imagination.

participation fee: 50 zl/ 40 zl*
*participation fee for attendees of Centrum Ruchu

1. Please send an email with a short dance bio to warsztaty.taniec@ck.lublin.pl
2. The number of places in the workshops is limited.
3. The order of applications confirmed by the payment is decisive. Please make the payment only after receiving the organisers’ confirmation about available places in the group for the following data:
Bank PKO S.A. 61 1240 1503 1111 0010 0136 6780 with the title “Warsztaty hip hop”.
Recipient’s address: Centrum Kultury in Lublin, ul. Peowiaków 12, 20-007 Lublin
4. Time for applications confirmed by the payment elapses November 19th, 2018. After this date, reservations of places in the group that are not confirmed by the payment or information will be cancelled.
5. The workshops are dedicated for dancers with several years of experience.
6. The workshops are dedicated for people over the age of 16.