Young Poland

Kacper Szklarski: Not now, not here, maybe never

Again and again and again and again, something felt off, something got lost, questions are chasing each other with no answers in sight. Something essential has changed and everything what is left is a song for You.

Kacper Szklarski dancer, freelancer. For 5 years he studied at the Dance Theater Department. He danced in such performances as “We are the revolution” chor. Paulina Będkowska, “Schatten” chor. Erika Silgoner, “Urban Creatures” chor. Sebastian Matthias, “Firebirds” chor. Ivan Alboresi and “The Symphony of The Whispering Walls” chor. Erion Kruja. With the above performances, he had the opportunity to dance on stages in Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Croatia and Greece. In addition, he is constantly learning by taking part in workshops all over Europe. His solo “not now, not here” was awarded by the jury during the SzoloDuo competition, and extended version of this solo “not now, not here, maybe never” received the first prize in the choreographic competition “3… 2…1… Dance!” in Krakow.

choreography, dance, costume: Kacper Szklarski
music: Jan Sebastian Bach, Andrev von Oeyen Flute sonata no. 2 in E-flat Major, BMV 1031: II. Siciliano Peter Broderick, Bing & Ruth What Happened to Your Heart
duration: 7:30 min

Marta Pieczul: Letter from Virginia

”Then she shuddered, and then she made the awkward, angular movement that I had seen before, as if, after the spasm, some spot between the shoulders burnt or itched… then again she looked the most unhappy woman in a world.”
”What a silly, silly dream being unhappy.”

”Letter from Virginia” is the embodiment of Virginia Woolf’s creation, the exploration of her words, analysis of the characters and my own interpretation of the writer herself.

Marta Pieczul – young artist, contemporary dancer, Dance Department student at Chopin Music University
in Warsaw. Studied at Etoile Professional Program by ImPerfect Dancers Company in Italy.
Gaining knowledge and experience in Poland and abroad. Her performance ”Letter from
Virginia” was awarded Jury Award at IÓN Solo Contest in Portugal and Special Prize at
SoloDuo International dance Festival 2023.

choreography and performance: Marta Pieczul
music: Camille Dallmais
duration: 10 min

Maria Lenczewska: The way

Present moment as a sculpture.
Transforms one moment into the next.
It creates a path that, despite the linear illusion, is born again and again.

Maria Lenczewska – a graduate in Choreography and Dance Techniques at the Academy of Music in Łódź. As part of the Erasmus program, she studied at Escola Superior de Danca in Lisbon. She belonged to the folk dance group “Harnam” and Connecting Arts and Theater Dance Company. She performed in Lamaila” by Maciej Pawłowski, “Link” and “Cienie Wieży” by Daria Szymańska and “Organizm” by Witold Jurewicz. She took part in creating character movement for an animated film directed by Wioletta Sowa. Associated with the Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre, she performs in the productions of “Dziadowisko”, “Fast Foot Fools” by Anna Piotrowska and “Kulu Kulu” by Filip Jaśkiewicz. Presenting her solo work “The way”, she received a distinction in the final of the Solo Duo Dance Festival.

choreography / performer: Maria Lenczewska
music: Modeselektor- Tacken
production support: Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre
duration: 6 min

Maria Micek, Ryszard Kalinowski: Self-out

This solo is a moment of reflection about the present, past and, possibly, future self-impression when we closely look at ourselves, see ourselves in somebody’s eyes, follow the inner impulse or against it, let ourselves for more or, contrary, stay reserved. About what disappears, and what is kept. What is close, and what is strange and imposed.

Maria Micek – dancer, performer, contemporary dance instructor and yoga teacher. A graduate of Choreography and Dance Technique at the Academy of Music in Łódź (2019-2022). She cooperates with Lublin Dance Theater, Center of Culture in Lublin and the Theater of Juliusz Osterwa in Lublin. Over the years, she has participated in many workshops with artists from Poland and abroad. She is constantly deepening her interest in movement, looking for new solutions and inspirations.
As a dancer she took part in performances: “O czym marzą kulki?”, “Soul”, “Danswer” by Inna Aslamova, “Brave New World” by Piotr Ratajczak at the Osterwa Theater, “Work it”, “Exercises in looking, being and acting” Lublin Dance Theater, “I.C.C.I – Improvising contact / Contact Improvisation” concept by Andrew Wass.
She created her own works “in BEtween” (2021), “Rebirth of Venus” (2022), “Body noise” (2022).

dance: Maria Micek
choreography: Ryszard Kalinowski
music:Piotr Kurek
production: Lublin Dance Theatre / Centre for Culture

Presence in Motion

What if sculptures could tell a story much deeper than those you usually see in museums? If you could look at them from different sides, close and carefully, but at the same time feel their smell, see their reactions to light and stimuli, and hear the sounds they make? What if we treated sculpture as one frozen moment from the entire history of experiences? What will happen if this moment is broken down into prime factors, experienced more deeply and experienced more deeply? This is what you can experience during the performance “PRESENCE IN MOTION”.

concept, direction: Adrianna Sawczak
choreography: Adrianna Sawczak, dancers
dance: Zuzanna Krzywicka, Weronika Mazurek, Dominika Kowalczyk, Adrianna Dras, Izabela Bejm, Klaudia Kupis, Weronika Czerniec, Dawid Reja
music: Michał Nazimek

Zofia Żwirblińska: less me softly my dear octopus

My dear octopus,
I would like to thank you for being there for me. I may not tell you this often, but I admire you so much. You often give me strength, I know I can rely on you.
I like it when you get thoughtful, underwater you have such beautiful colors.
When you leave for a while I miss you very much.
I wish we were inseparable.
Please don’t change.

Zofia Żwirblińska – currently a student of AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow Dance Theater Department in Bytom. Previously associated with the ZAKŁAD KULTURALNY i n Gdansk as a member of Youth Dance Theatre lead by Natalia Murawska. In 2022, she received a scholarship as part of the Erasmus+ programme at the Dance Department of the Latvian Academy of Culture. Winner of SzólóDuó International Dance Festival 2023, awarded with both Best Solo dance performance and Audience Award. Alongside the dance path, she develops research in acting, singing, choreography and performance.

concept, choreography, performance: Zofia Żwirblińska
solo creation
duration: 9 min