Król / Leszek / Biskupik / Brodniak _ Young Poland

Benedykt Król: Vigilance

Working on the piece I strived to set together elements that together create a vast collection of sensations and meanings. I recorded various activities; i.e. eating, cooking – wondering how I could bring together the daily and the abstract onstage. I relive the same situation of deep agitation twice, differently transposing felt emotions, the daily action and context of the event and appearances of composure on music and sound, movement, physical action and my presence.

concept, choreography, dance: Benedykt Król

Emilia Biskupiak: Something is melting, something not (yet)

The body moves, just letting out, sometimes it can’t stop because is afraid, sometimes it freezes in a given movement and gets stuck, sometimes transforms, begins to breathe. The body is looking for, constantly looking for something, as if lost pieces of itself, letting go and being in touch with itself. An intricate carnality. The physics of exploration.

concept, choreography and performance: Emilia Biskupiak

Joanna Brodniak: untold manifesto

I am a woman without a voice and a mirror
crystal gaze
which returns through the density and vastness of a mad nation
I am a man without law
fed only with lies and desperation
I am an insect of someone else’s thought
the end of tomorrow
a revolution of myself
this (not) is a manifesto
an angry tirade
allergy to pathos and self-sabotage
personal expression of anger
expressed in the tone of a naive utopia
confession of faith in the possibility of conceiving a new order
thirst for strength and a feeling of weakness
in an unrealized act of speech
I cease to believe in the power of words
I dream of a backup version of this country
the promised sea

concept, choreography and performance: Joanna Brodniak
music: “We are the people” Iggy Pop / “Stil” Acid Arab feat Cem Yildiz

Katarzyna Leszek: illusions of shameless abundance

The piece is a personal postulate and, at the same time, a misanthropic reflection on the
aspirations of contemporary realities and the consequences that they bring.
I call them illusions of shameless abundance, which I create, experience and live in to stay in
a world full of shameful boundaries. And as I fall, I don’t forget to pretend I’m still standing
on the ground that I don’t deserve. I’m standing still, holding myself and trying not to forget
about the shoes.

choreography and performance: Katarzyna Leszek
costumes: Katarzyna Leszek + kijoweszlaczki
music: Against All Logic – Illusions of Shameless Abundance, John Lennon – Imagine