David Chazam _ David Chazam

Chazam is a french omnidirectional composer based in Brussel, who works in different musical and show paradigms like: contemporary dance, boring theater, interesting documentary movies, radio drama creation, improvised music and uncomplexed electropoppy punk music in wild clubs.

Chazam is first of all a musician and a music lover, as well as a sound-designer for peculiar projects. He often built his own instruments, to be certain that he will be the only one to play them (and avoid useless technical criticisms).

He made numbers of “hard to find albums” and had many collaborations during his long career, including [minus20] collective (and their show THE FORK that will play in Lublin Festival), Jean Jacques Perrey (electropop genuine genious pioneer), Christian Boltanski (overworld French artist with a polish name), Lucia Sanchez (Spanish, Paris based documentary film maker), Valérie Rivière (choreographer of Paul Les Oiseaux Cie).