Mariusz Bielecki _ exhibition of Mariusz Bielecki’s photography ‘in the traces of dance and light’

Mariusz Bielecki aka ‘madmax’ has cooperated with Lublin Dance Theatre and Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology and also Contemporary Dance Forum. In the summer 2006 he was taking photos of Lublin Dance Theatre during a difficult photo shot in the old attic of Lublin Centre for Culture’s building. It was his first encounter with contemporary dance, but despite the harsh conditions it made him fall in love with this field of art. His latest photos were also taken in difficult conditions, during filming of Stand By at the Centre for Culture premises under reconstruction.

His photographic adventure started with taking photos of artistic metalwork workshops in 2001. He participated in the founding of student Lublin Photographers Group. Apart from dance theatre he is particularly fascinated with portraits. He tends to reassemble his digital SLR camera to pieces and experiment with its modifications. In addition to photography he is profoundly interested in philosophy and psychology.