Iwona Olszowska with dancers from EST / Hurtownia Ruchu i Pracowna Fizyczna _ Falling after Paxton

Lecture performance is a way of conveying theory combined with a demonstration of practical application of knowledge. Iwona Olszowska with the invited dancers will talk about and show the audience what the contact improvisation technique, initiated by Steve Paxton in 1972 is about. In this practice, named by Simone Forti “art-sport”, based on the physical contact of the two moving people and the relationship arising between them on the basis of the basic properties of motion – gravity, inertia, momentum. Title of the lecture refers to a film Fall after Newton, which depicts the first years of the development of contact improvisation on an example of practice of Nancy Stark Smith. The lecture Iwona Olszowska also refers to contemporary contexts of contact improvisation – the idea of ​​body work and the jam as a social form of the practice.