Witold Jurewicz and Julian Grzybowski _ Is a philosopher allowed to talk about dance? -PREMIERE

Script, director, choreography, dance: Grzybowski Juliusz, Jurewicz Witold
music: appropriate
costumes: appropriate
lights:  appropriate
duration: 35 min

Much is said about dance, maybe sometimes even too much. To talk about dance in an appropriate way one has to stand in distance to it. One has to wait till the show is over. Who would dare talk during the show? We will make an attempt not only to talk about dancing but also to dance about talking, in other words it is going to be a performance where a philosopher and a dancer will perform on equal terms, in the same time and space. Taking into consideration the fact that the meeting takes place for the first time, negotiations might be heated and difficult and can lead to a breach or even to a bloodshed.

We know each other from afar, and we are rather guessing our habits than participating in them. It may therefore occur that at a closer look we are not really that fond of each other.