Konrad Chyl, Piotr Kurek _ Konrad Chyl, Piotr Kurek

solo harp

Harp, that is Konrad Chyl’s artistic nickname, cooperates with such bands as zubra2, ecHamiXu, gdula*harp, DUhy. He is interested in creating an open sound form that is a space for mixing acoustic, electronic and concrete sounds as well as the silence together.

The “solo harp” concert is also a trial of organising a specific type of listening – entering the micro scale – discovering the thin borders between silence and sound.

Piotr Kurek

Sound artist and composer of theatre music (e.g. for performances of Lublin Dance Theatre). Collaborates with Portuguese label Crónica and English publisher Unknown Public. He performed at theatre and music festivals in Poland (Malta International Theatre Festival), Germany (Transmediale), France (Traverses), Romania, Belarus and Austria. Co-founder of duo Ślepcy and member of audio-visual group Oprawcy. Incidentally collector of small, medium and large instruments.

Other Songs

Concert of a project created for the idea of the Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives “Crossroads”. The material is based on a recording of the concert Songs of The Balkans performed by Slobodan Markovic, Petar Todorovic, Srbska Arhaika from Serbia and Argjiro from Albania. The concert organized by “Crossroads” Centre took place in November 2008.The performance was registered at the Studio of Polish Radio Lublin. Minor fragments of this recording with additional sounds of different instruments (vibraphone, violin and own sound constructions) have been used to create new pieces. The instruments Kurek worked on and methods of using sounds put Songs of The Balkans in a less traditional context.

Premiere of a project took place during The Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music “Codes” in May 2009. Work is currently being undertaken on the preparation of an album version which will be released soon by “Crossroads” Centre.