Anything you do…
Night of dew
How much tenderness!

MAKROKREMPATOLOGIA – VERY TOUSLED THOUGHTS Do not believe in what people say about themselves. Not because they lie. They just do not know. Julia Hartwig „Flashes”

Anything you do… Choreography: Jacek Łumiński Set: Jacek Łumiński Music: Iannis Xenakis, P.Anka, Roland Schmidt, McCarthy Dancers: Anna Krysiak, Hanna Woczka, Victoria Fox, Tomasz Wesołowski, Sebastian Zajkowski, Eryk Makohon

Anything you do without visible necessity becomes a valuable diamond.

Night of dew Choreography: Jacek Łumiński Set: Jacek Łumiński Music: M. Perez Morales, Erich Kory, Evan Ziporyn Dancer: Tomasz Wesołowski

DEW is a symbol of night dream, daybreak, rain, tears, pearls, diamonds; bumper crop, freshness, catharsis; gift of heaven, god’s protection, blessing and god’s word, god’s eyes, salvation, Jesus Christ, baptism; mirror of micro and macro cosmos; inspiration, healer; truth, wisdom, justice, good; memory, compliment, fleeting, ephemeral, death. In the folklore, the dew is sacred, heaven’s gift, the symbol of god’s care. The DEW, differently than the rain, appears invisibly and shines like diamonds and pearls.

How much tenderness! Choreography: Jacek Łumiński Set: Jacek Łumiński Music: Khonasan Dancers: Anna Krysiak, Hanna Woczka, Victoria Fox, Tomasz Wesołowski, Sebastian Zajkowski, Eryk Makohon Time(whole evening): 120 min

What are you doing? I’m weeding my recollections.

Poland’s first professional contemporary dance company, established in 1991 in the city of Bytom by Jacek Łuminski, director and choreographer, has developed a new dance form and style based on the rich cultural traditions of Poland. Łumiński’s choreography and movement vocabulary is a split from the traditional and contemporary dance forms which flourish in Poland. It is considered to be incomparable and innovatory wherever abroad the company performs and teaches.

The Silesian Dance Theatre has performed and taught throughout Poland and in Germany, Israel, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Great Britain, Luxembourg and several times in the USA. In the repertoire of the company have been kept pieces by Jacek Łumiński, Avi Kaiser (Belgium), Anna Sokolow (USA), Terese Freedman (USA), Mark Haim (USA), Risa Jaroslow (USA), Melissa Monteros (USA), Stephanie Skura (USA), Wendell Beavers (USA), Sam Costa (USA), Frank Handeler & Diane Elshout (Holland), Christine Brunel (Germany), Henrietta Horn (Germany), Conrad Drzewiecki (Poland).

In November 2001 at Swarthmore College (USA, Pennsylvania) took place the International Symposium Dancing History: Poland and Contemporary Dance Theatre. The symposium focused on the work of Jacek Luminski, both by itself as well as within larger historical, critical, and theoretical contexts. Dance critics participating included many outstanding dance critics from USA, Israel, East and West Europe, and from Poland. During symposium Silesian Dance Theatre performed three choreographies. In 2002 SDT successfully performed in New York (The Kitchen) and in Dusseldorf (Global Dance).