Maria Zimpel _ noish~”

Above all, noish~ is an experience in intensity which Zimpel and Eubanks share with their audience. The piece approaches dance as an incessant flow of impulses, images, associations and temporarily captured forms.
“The body filters itself through noise, spatially intensifying the disintegration of all of its emanations. The process is intensified by music. There is no «I», I attest to it” (Maria Zimpel).

choreography: Maria Zimpel
music: Bryan Eubanks
performance: Sara Kałużna (operowanie dźwiękiem / sound operation), Maria Zimpel (taniec / dance)
production support:Old Brewery New Dance, Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk; Anna Czaban / Arsenał Municipal Gallery
premiere:24 June 2015, Poznań, Old Brewery New Dance at the Malta Festival