Jaro Viňarský _ Obsessive Story About More Than Nothing

Concept and choreography: Jaro Viňarský
Dancers: Labyrinth-Woman – Dominika Fastowiec, Circle-Woman – Karolina Kroczak, Woman From The Mirror – Anna Kruk, Coffee-Woman – Elwira Piorun, Feather-Man – Maciej Kuźmiński, Touch-Man – Szymon Osiński
Music: John Sebastian Bach
duration: 30 minutes
Organiser: Fundacja Rozwoju Tańca
Producer: Dance Event Production/ IQARTtivists
Coordinator: Anna Kruk

“Our dreams are placed very often, if not always, where only our small or big obsessions can be freely expressed. And I know that people are saying their dreams to each other. But do not they are saying almost about „nothing”? And I am afraid about that. Maybe we could delight some very dark places or moments if we just would say to each other more and more dreams.”
/ Jaro Viňarský

Jaro Vinarsky’s performance is inspired by pieces of the Italian artist, Stefano Ricci. The dancers in their process of creation derived as much from contemporary dance as from physical theater, group work with rhythm, building individual characters. We can observe the strange little society created by the dancers on the stage, the society, which follow the mysterious rules, where every single individual thought influences on the existence of entirety.