Marta Pietruszka – Gesture and Movement Theatre _ Ophelia’s death

Choreography:Olga A. Marcinkiewicz, M. Pietruszka Set: M. Kotański Music: Vivaldi, Purcell, Adams Dancer: Marta Pietruszka Premiere: 1998 Time:23 min.

The direct inspiration for the performance was Bogusławski’s work „Mime…”, written in the XIX century as a handbook for young actors. It was a collection of gestures and theatrical poses referring to the basic emotions like anger, sorrow or happiness. It was quite innovative as for those times, but today all the rules described seems rather dead. And this dead convention and empty theatrical form were the inspiration for creating a character, who falls a victim to them. In the performance we can see a psychological portrait of a character who undergoes disintegration of her personality.

Marta Pietruszka began her career in 1983 in Dance Theatre KONTRAST in Cracow. Next she became a co-founder, dancer and choreographer’s assistant of Experimental Dance Studio in Cracow. She also took part in some artistic projects conducted by Dance Theatre in Gdańsk, Silesian Dance Theatre, Goethe Institute and Art Bunker. In 1998 together with Olga Marcinkiewicz she established Gesture and Movement Theatre where her solo performances have been prepared. She still cooperates with some Polish drama theatres, Theatre “38”, Andrzej Sadowski’s Theatre as well as choreographer Iwona Olszowska and set/costume designer Bożena Pędziwiatr. Since 2003 she has been artistic director of a school Artistic Alternative, choreography department, and since 2004 she has taken artistic care of Contemporary Dance Scene at Youth Culture Centre in Cracow.