Olga Kebas _ Personal Spring

A story that goes down to history
…or becomes a secret…
…or triggers discussions
A story, we continue every single moment…
What secrets do streets keep? They are witnesses of big and small victories or defeats, soaking stories of their citizens and opening secrets only for the most curious ones. Such stories became a ground for making this performance. One of them took place in the Street named Zhmihrud, located nearby Lublin city center. Located between modern and old parts of the city, it combines past and future which makes it unique. The humility of monks and the liveliness of trade, hardworking of the craftsmen and dignity of gentlefolk, fun, and the discipline of school – everything happens in that street. However, we are not going to tell or to play stories, we are not going to act like its characters in their own situations. The story is an impulse which makes you looking for space and time for it in the modern world. We will let it make have an impact on our bodies, on our minds; we will let it be our partner.

director: Olga Kebas
dance works by: Olena Mits, Daniela Komędera, Anastasiya Baydina, Joanna Dudek
music: Freenology
video/photo: Vitalij Nużnienko, Jakub Szafrański
premiere: Lublin, Lublin, September 2017
Supported by: the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the House of Words, Lublin Dance Theater. Residence within the 21st International Dance Theatres Festival