RemDance / Tugce Tuna Project Company _ Phronemophobia

Concept and choreography: Tugçe Tuna
Dancer: Tugçe Tuna
Dancers: Çigdem Agas, Erdinç Anaz, Asli Bostanci, Yoseob Kim, Melis Tuzcuoglu
Video: Vahit Tuna
Music: Erdem Helvacioglu
Light Desing: Ayşe Ayter
Production Mang: Berke Yüksel
Supported by Bimeras Cultural Foundation

The solo part “Phronemophobia” explores the relationship between the fear of thinking and the body. Whereas the “F”, a group choreography, comes out from the idea of seeing the body as a “limited area” and inquires into the existence and metamorphosis in this area.

“…the first part, a strongly emotive, even disturbing solo by the choreographer rubbing her feet on the ground over and over, and the second part featuring five dancers who formed what appeared to be a post-apocalyptic community.” Bonnie Marranca Paj “Journal of Performance and Art”, New York