Kolegtyw Theatre in collaboration with Studio Działań Kreatywnych DanceOFFnia _ Playground

choreography: Karolina Garbacik
director: Tomasz Gilewicz
dance: a group of dancers Konkret Color Crew: Anna Sawicka, Magdalena Surwiłło, Izabela Wysocka, Mateusz Januszek
music: Adrian Jakuć – Łukaszewicz (Liquid Molly)
stage Design: Juliusz Góral
duration: 35 min

Playground – a future training ground for strategists of the modern world? Maybe human life is a series of armed uprisings? Maybe everyone is a tactician of own battle field ?

The amorous encounters, competition in professional work or… fight about the shovel.

In the show they are involved dancers whose physical base are different styles of hip-hop