Te'art Kam _ Raidho Ben Wunjo

Direction/Choreography: Kamila Jankowska The story tellers: Kamila Jankowska, Kamila Jezierska Music: …is being created here and now and the stone is supporting the wanderer Light: Witold Jurewicz Costumes: Te’Art Kam Time: 40 min. Premiere: January 2005

“And there, hidden in a secret cave of the Heart, where material world and Spirit finally unite, where Emptiness embraces all Form, where Eternity joyously sings the praises of noble Time, where Ascending and Descending erotically embrace in the sound of one hand clapping – there forever in the universe of One Taste, the Kosmos recognizes its own true nature.

And remember? There in the Heart, where the couple finally unite, the entire game, this nightmare of evolution is undone, and you are exactly where you were prior to the beginning of the whole show. With a sudden shock of the utterly obvious, you recognize your own Original Face, the face of utter Emptiness that smiles as all creation and sings as the entire Kosmos. All that is left is the smile, and the reflection of the moon on a quiet pond, late on a crystal clear night.” Ken Wilber „The short story of everything” Te’Art Kam are Kama Jankowska and Kama Jezierska. Each of Kamas has got her own experience: life, dancing, choreographic, acting and theatrical ones. They met during the „Wycinanka” project and it turned out that they are both „searching”… Since 2004, they allow their bodies „to chat” in the languages available to them, believing that „having fun is too serious a matter to be ignored”. In this way they both create scenical expressions, happily exchanging experiences and learning all the time… “Raidho Ben Wunjo” got 2nd Prize „for the choreographic research and development of individual language” of the XIII International Presentation of Contemporary Dance Forms in Kalisz 2005.

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