Albert Quesada & Vera Tussing _ Solo on Bach & Glenn

Choreography and dance: Albert Quesada
Music: Goldberg Variations from J.S. Bach played by Glenn Gould
(Outtakes of a recording, 1955, and interview about the 1981 recording.)
Image: David Bergé
Sound edited by: Albert Quesada
Produced by: Albert Quesada & P.A.R.T.S.
Thanks to Marten Spangberg, Salva Sanchís
Year: 2006/2008
Duration: 26 minutes

The dance in Solo on Bach & Glenn is based on a written score, a series of
instructions for the dancer created in close relationship with the soundtrack
(Glenn Gould’s explanations about his way of playing and his recorded
Goldberg Variations).