[MINUS 20] collective _ The Fork

choreography:  Dominika Knapik & Kenneth Flak
performed by:  Dominika Knapik, Kenneth Flak & David Chazam (musician, actor)
dramaturgy & text: Wojtek Klimczyk,
music: David Chazam
lights :Alice Dussart
costumes :Monika Kucel
photography: Kuba Dąbrowski (www.kubadabrowski.com)
duration: 60 minutes
premiere: 25.09.2010 Avant Art Festival (Wroclaw)
Co-Produced by BIT-Teatergarasjen/Oktoberdans& Avant Art Foundation/Avant Art Festival
sponsored by:Norway Grants Fundusz Wymiany Kulturalnej, The Burdąg Foundation, The Norwegian Arts Council Fund for Sound and Image (Norway),Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Cultures France + Mairie de Bordeaux, Glob Theatre, Bordeaux

Paul Eluard once wrote: „A woman is more beautiful than the world in which I live; and so I close my eyes.” In this spirit [Minus 20] is proud to present its debut performance „The Fork” – a journey to the center of the unexplainable. The collective consisting of Polish dance theatre makers Harakiri Farmers, Norwegian choreographer/performer Kenneth Flak and French composer/musician/inventor David Chazam explores the banal world of love story in search of what is lurking in the shadow. They strongly believe that if you look at something long enough you can always discover things that you have never seen before. It is like with “Empire Strikes Back” – it takes time to discover that one asteroid is a shoe and the other one a potato. And love’s the same. If you keep looking at it, it starts to look like a potato.
In “The Fork” the artists do not present any fancy psychological theory or tailor-made concept of sociopolitical reality but utilize the strategy of surrealist poets and absurdist comedians – shoot first and look for the target later because there is always one at the end of the bullet’s trail anyway. Strongly believing in the “anything goes” principle as the most effective method of investigation [Minus 20] create a performance that is a mixture of mime, musical, dance theatre and stand-up comedy. Pop songs, sheer physicality, noise, sixteen pink fingers – it is all there!
The audience follows a story of Anjelica and Wilbur, two kindred spirits who are not kindred actually. They meet, they mate, they collaborate. With whom and why? The answers are partial and motivations vague. But it is not answers that the artists seek. The story is never in the story. It is in what we do with it. Therefore what [Minus 20] presents are images, glimpses, suggestions for each person in the audience to play with. It does not mean that “The Fork” is a spineless creature. Yet, the spine is always twisting and bending. Some say that when a boy meets a girl hell breaks loose. What if they are right?
Paul Eluard once wrote: “Elephants are contagious”. In this spirit [Minus 20] is proud to present its debut performance “The Fork” – a journey to the center of… the fork.