Jo Strømgren Kompani _ TOK PISIN

Concept, costumes, set: Jo Stromgren Choreography, dance: Line Tormoen, Maxime Iannarelli, Yasmine Hugonnet, Jo Stromgren Music: Jorgen Knudsen Lighting design: Stephen Rolfe Production: Jo Stromgren Kompani Co-production: Danse a Aix (France), Synalephe (France), Norwegian National Theatre (Norway), The House of Dance Stockholm (Sweden), Lithuanian Dance Information Centre (Lithuania), Rui Horta / Centro Coreográfico de Montemor-o-Novo (Portugal) Premiere 26th July 2003 during Danse a Aix in Aix en Provence, France. Duration: +/- 60 min

Title and theme for the production is associative. ”TOK PISIN” is an official language on Papua New Guinea, more known as Pidgin-English. It has evolved in strange ways, mixing elements from English, German, Portuguese, and some of the 720 totally different languages spoken on the island. The evolution has forced itself through without any interference from academic guidelines or any known linguistic methods. Grammar and vocabulary has been formed through verbal and analphabetic practice, and therefore the Tok Pisin is quite different from other pidgin languages like for instance the grammatically complex Afrikaans in South Africa and Namibia.

Choreographic style will differ from previous JSK productions. ”TOK PISIN” as a dance performance will be based on movement material only, leaving the mixed media concept and the theatrical dramaturgy which have characterized the JSK productions. The creative process will be inspired by the Tok Pisin language development, using movement influences in an autodidact way and neglecting any academic analysis of the material presented. A free and intuitive research with the aim to present a performance of high complexity and strong associative qualities.

The involved artists come from different areas of the dance world. Jo Stromgren has experience from dance, theatre and film, working with extremities both in artistic variation and audience segments. From national ballets and opera houses to rock bottom alternative venues, having experience from more than 30 countries and an equal number of different companies and ensembles. Lately, direction of pure theatre has taken most of his time with a steady number of productions with the Norwegian National Theatre, and a deep dive into film direction will result in the 2004 release of his first full length cinema movie.

Line Tormoen have been one of the most profiled contemporary dancers in Norway during the nineties, closely linked to Carte Blanche Dance Company and Zero Visibility Inc., and presently a member of the highly innovative Kublai Khan Investigations. Maxime Iannarelli and Yasmine Hugonnet graduated a couple of years ago from Conservatoire National de Paris and has since been devoted to experimental projects through their foundation Synalephe. They travel to exotic places and cross borders in more than one sense. Their projects vary from choreographing blind people in Taiwan to street impros in Mali, Portugal, New York and Paris with a focus priority on the investigation process.

Jorgen Knudsen is a member and co-founder of the performance group Baktruppen. He has a long career of composing music for both huge orchestras and experimental electronic music. The ambient techno band ”Information”, with frequent MTV exposure, is also one of his projects.

Stephen Rolfe has worked as Stage Manager, Company Manager, Technical Manager and Lighting Designer for several stages and companies in the UK, amongst them The ICA, The Royal Court Theatre, Theatre de Complicite, Shared Experience and V-TOL Dance Company.