Paweł Sakowicz _ TOTAL

Speculating on dance virtuosity implies a way of thinking based on experience but is not necessarily empirically verifiable. The goal of such speculation is to attain a particular image of dance virtuosity by means of predictable economic, political and meta-humanistic change. One characteristic feature of speculation on dance virtuosity is risk-taking in creating radical scenarios related to the politics of desires.

choreography, text and performance: Paweł Sakowicz
artistic coaching: Dalija Aćin Thelander
technical realization and lights: Łukasz Kędzierski
production: Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk (developed as part of the Solo Projekt Plus 2015 residency programme by the Art Stations Foundation)
premiere: 12 December 2015, Old Brewery, Studio Słodownia +3, Poznań