DEJA DONNE _ Unstable element

Co- production: 18 International Dance Theatres Festival/ Center for Culture in Lublin

Choreography: Simone Sandroni
Performers: Chiara Montalbani, Fernando Roldan Ferrer, Stefano Roveda, Elvira Zuñiga Porras.
Authors: Dmitri Shostakovich Quartet n° 7 and Quartet n° 8, Alfred Schnittcke Quartet n° 3Light Designer: Vincent Longuemare
Light technician: Cesare Lavezzoli
Production and administration: Elisa Chianella
Production: DEJA DONNE
Co-productions: Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria/Italy, Fabrik Potsdam/Germany, The Centre for Culture
Lublin – Lubelski Teatr Tanca/Poland, Tafelhalle Nürnberg/Germany.
Partners: Regione Umbria/Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo
Duration: 60 min

“Unstable Element” is a choreographic show in which music and dance are compared through a dynamic relationship. An equal dialogue that moves by three major scores of the repertoire for string quartet, interwoven with references to each other, the two quartets composed in 1960 by Dmitri Shostakovich (No. 7, the intimate, Op. 108 also known for his “ŕ tombeau Nina “and the No. 8, op. 110, dramatic page complaint policy) and the Quartet No. 3 by Alfred Schnittke, the last of the masterpieces from his Russian period.

Simone Sandroni, choreographer and artistic director of the company DEJA DONNE, has created
a living relationship between the two artistic languages; sometimes they are in line and in perfect
symmetry with each other, while at other times they clash, almost as a challenge. In the
compositions of Shostakovich and Schnittke we can find, still very strong, conceptual elements of
contemporary, with which the dance is compared and that have made current also from the
aesthetic point of view.

The relation of the choreography with this important music is not subordinate or obsequious, but direct and physical, without being didactic and symbolic. The inspiration does not come by emotions aroused by listening, but the analysis of the intelligent building composition. The dancers do not dance with the music, but on the music and at the same level, thus causing countless possibilities of relationship and comparison.

Tempo, rhythm, seizures, closures, suspension, limitation of time and space, lines and curves, are some of the elements from “Unstable Element” that are creating an atmosphere full of vital energy, exciting, productive and moving, essential in any contemporary representation.