Teatr Maat Projekt _ US (REQUIEM)

Direction, choreography, concept: Tomasz Bazan
Music: Marcin Janus
Spotlights realization: Agnieszka Gronek
Dance: Tomasz Bazan, Barbara Bujakowska, Justyna Jaslowska, Kinga Borun
Duration: 40 minutes

“Us, children from the raspberry garden,
Whose Mothers, Fathers and Brothers have been taken away,
Us, who have seen bones,
We remember, we are present,
Us, referring to the childhood
As the perfect idyll
Us, going through life so swiftly,
All of us”

“Any activity and movement starts – where there is stillness. Destruction is the making power of order”

“I might still have some hope of escaping. I might be sure that I would escape one day”
Francis Bacon

The main inspiration for the soon opening performance was a lump of soil found after years and regained for the memory of next generations. The performance is divided into a few parts: “The guests are coming”, “Christmas Eve”, “One day I will manage to escape”, “ Pigeons”. These words determine the essence of the performance, they are the source of understanding its sense and ambiguity. One of the inspirations for choreography was the changeable and vibrating stroke in Francis Bacon’s late painting. The performance as a whole refers to the body forms applied in butoh and intuitive dance.