Ann Van den Broek _ We Solo Men

Concept and choreography: Ann Van den Broek
dancers: Dario Tortorelli, Cecilia Moisio, Andreas Kuck, Judit Ruiz Onandi, Jan Martens, Jan Deboom
music composition & editing: Arne Van Dongen
lighting design: Bernie van Velzen
set design: Niek Kortekaas
styling costumes: Ann Van den Broek
advice: Marc Vanrunxt
make-up artist: Jos Brands
sign language coach: Marie De Corte
sound technician: Michiel Brongers
lighting technician: Frank van Schie
photo’s: Maarten Van den Abeele.
Special thanks to: Christine Engelen, Ortwin de Graef, Michael Jas, Herman Temmerman, David van Bouwel
duration: 70 min

co-production Stichting WArd/waRD (NL), vzw WArd/waRD (BE), Korzo Productions (Haga NL) and ccBerchem (Antwerpia BE). It has received financial support from the Dutch Foundation for the Performing Arts and the Flemish government.


A group of dancers: different egos and yet they form a unit. The urge to express themselves and to connect controls them. On stage everything is possible; it is a powerful place. A sense of dread befalls them. Action and withdrawal, strength and weakness, confrontation and alienation. Their attempt to communicate is failing. The repercussions of non-communication. Bodies under scrutiny. Bodies in ignominy.

The new choreography by Ann Van den Broek is a masculine piece of work. We Solo Men deals with the conflict between on the one hand the desire to entertain and the inability to communicate on the other. The cry for attention becomes a cry of desperation. We Solo Men is an entertaining and, in the end, a lonely sketch.

Ann Van den Broek has created a rhythmic composition made up of sounds, words, movement and body language aimed at connecting with the audience. Arne van Dongen has created another composition for Van den Broek, which will be performed and adapted live on stage based on the sounds produced by the dancers. The set is designed by Niek Kortekaas; the lighting design by Bernie van Velzen.