Vera Mantero _ What can be said about Pierre

choreography: Vera Mantero
dance: Vera Mantero
soundtrack: Gilles Deleuze (excerpts of “Spinosa: Immortalité et Éternité”)
light: Bruno Gaspar
costumes: Vera Mantero
soundtrack editing: Vera Mantero with Vítorem Rua and António Duarte
duration: 17 min.

In 2006 within the commemorations of the World Dance Day I’ve presented a small improvisation to the sound of Gilles Deleuze’s voice giving a class on Spinoza and his concept of the three types of knowledge possible to human beings (the speech in question focuses on the first type of knowledge, the most basic one, the one in which almost everyone moves…). I manipulated the temporalities of Deleuze’s speech, but just minimally, as the speech has already some very particular temporalities. And I based my movement on insistance and grounding, a body that presses and pushes spaces and goes entirely in direction towards the ground. This proposal goes in line with many other works of mine in which multiplicities are proposed that put philosophy and intuition in interaction, as well as verbal and non-verbal, rational and irrational. The Escena Contemporánea Festival saw on Youtube the precarious video that can be found there with an excerpt of that experience, got interested and proposed me to develop and present this work.

Vera Mantero